Bots to boost your life

Zorabot designs and develops intelligent robots that make people’s lives better.

Every Zorabot aims to bring more care, more quality and more comfort to everyone’s daily lives.

Everyone is unique and everyone has unique needs. Zorabots make a difference for everyone through personalised assistance and care.

The Robot Gurus

Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck are the masterminds behind the human robots, the Zorabots. Their goal is to create robots that improve the lives of everyone.

They thank Star Wars, Qatar, R2D2 and a dark bar. Why?

Fabrice and Tommy have known each other for years, but it was in a dark bar in Qatar, during a heated discussion of Star Wars, that all pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Their love for awesome robots and their heart for the healthcare and hospitality industry combined to give them the idea to develop a helpful R2D2 that increases the comfort of people. They found their first robot – Zora, not R2D2 – with Softbank Robotics. Fabrice and Tommy brought her to life by developing unique software, turning Zora into the first humanoid care robot in the world.

But Fabrice and Tommy realised that the need for a fun companion and practical help was also pressing in other industries. All around the world they saw shops, cinemas, fast food chains, food industry, car industry, furniture stores, and many more organisations that could really profit from working with a Zorabot.

It didn’t take long for Zora to be joined by James, Pepper and Forget-Me-Not.

Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.