ZBOS Applications

Unlocking a wide range of functionality

ZBOS is not a single application, but rather an ecosystem of local and cloud applications that work seamlessly together to offer the best possible user experience.


Key players:

  • GoVirtual: the same components of our real-world products, unleashed in a virtual world. The result is a seamless integration of metaverse and reality. Limitations do not apply here! Learn more
  • ZBOS RAIL: the multiplatform core of ZBOS which does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. This software layer forms a bridge between our universal hardware platform and the platform specific implementations for each device. It makes sure that all our applications seamlessly work on every supported device and that new devices can be supported in no-time. 
  • ZBOS Control: this application runs on your mobile device or webbrowser and gives full access to all ZBOS functionality. With tools such as Composer (a no-code programming environment) and Task Manager (a trigger based parallel task launcher) programming complex scenarios becomes child's play.
  • ZBOS Kiosk: this fully customisable launcher application runs on anything from smart watches to big TV screens. From simple layouts to multilingual dynamic user interfaces, Kiosk has you covered.
  • ZBOS Cloud: from fleet management to remote control, our cloud makes it possible.
  • ZBOS Chat: full-featured text, voice and video communication from, to and through ZBOS.
  • and many more!
Logo's for key applications in ZBOS Platform

IoT devices

Internet of things-that-just-work..

Using a universal approach and many bindings to other platforms, ZBOS simplifies your digital life via a unified user interface.

Automate your home or office via our onboard domotics integration or the extended third party bindings to Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Tuya Smart and others.. Once configured ZBOS will automatically detect any controllable devices and open them up for use on the ZBOS platform.

Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Tuya Smart logo's

Built with experience

Zorabots engineers built ZBOS based on years of experience

With a proven track record in the robotics and IoT industry, our team focused on compatibility, stability and security to build the ZBOS platform. Our novel approach in hardware / software interaction gives limitless opportunities and allows us to effortlessly follow current technological advances and take lead where it matters most.

ZBOS works on Android, JVM, Web, ..

ZBOS was built from the ground up to be universal. Our software is compatible with anything from consumer smart watches and TV's, to giant robots, embedded devices and your very own webbrowser.

Solid foundation
Kotlin by Jetbrains

The ZBOS core is written in Kotlin, a modern object oriented programming language with all the required features on board to create safe, robust and reliable applications across multiple platforms.

Developer friendly
MQTT API documented on AsyncAPI

Our API is built on top of MQTT, the OASIS and ISO standard for IoT Messaging. We continuously document every detail using AsyncAPI. You can consume our API spec to generate code, or browse the user-friendly documentation pages.

ZBOS Control

ZBOS Control enables you to control your ZBOS devices. You can make them move, speak in multiple languages, make and play little programs, look through the camera and so much more!

Some features:
  • Full remote control of your robot via local network or cloud connection
  • Create a map of your surroundings, create points-of-interest and navigate between them
  • Create tailored surveys and quizzes in your business or personal style
  • Access security footage
  • Initiate a bidirectional video conference
  • Create simple or complex sequences of tasks
  • Use the Task Manager to start any sequence of tasks on based on a broad range of triggers
Task Manager shown on Tablet device
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Additionally, you can use an online version of ZBOS Control from any webbrowser using our Cloud platform. ZBOS Control Cloud Platform.

ROS™ Support

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. From drivers to state-of-the-art algorithms, and with powerful developer tools, ROS has what you need for your next robotics project. And it's all open source.

See an overview of the hundreds of robots running on ROS today.

ROS logo





ROS is a trademark of Open Robotics.

Areas of application

Smart home
  • Control your smart home
  • Make devices smart
  • Respond to events
  • Focused on your patients
  • Engage young patients in a new way
  • Take away tedious tasks
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Build an innovative brand identity and generate traffic
  • Bring fun to your establishment
  • Create an innovative brand identity and inspire engaging fun
  • Generate traffic and increase sales
  • Understand and build customer loyalty
  • Motivating students for better participation
  • Excite STEM learning
  • Fun, adaptive learning for all ages
  • Attract and Engage
  • Inform and Educate
  • Free your staff from monotonous tasks
  • Motivate and Stimulate
  • Captivate and Engage
  • Balance and Allocate