The Robot Gurus

Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck are the masterminds behind the unique, interactive experiences in ZoraBots. Their goal is to enable devices to improve the lives of everyone.

Where did their inspiration come from? They thank Star Wars, Qatar, R2D2 and a dark bar.

The backstory: Fabrice and Tommy, who have known each other for several years before, found themselves in a dark bar in Qatar in the midst of a heated discussion about Star Wars. Suddenly they had the breakthrough that allowed the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place to set the course of ZoraBots. Connecting over their love of awe-inspiring robots and their desire to revolutionize the healthcare and hospitality industries, Fabrice and Tommy had the idea to develop a helpful R2D2-like robot to increase the comfort and connection people have with information as well as each other.

The ZoraBots team found their first robot platform not with R2D2 but within SoftBank Robotics. Fabrice and Tommy brought the robot NAO to life by developing unique software, turning the platform into Zora, the first humanoid care-focused robot in the world.

This amazing development opened the team to additional questions - what other industries could benefit from a fun companion providing practical and customised information? With a global perspective, the ZoraBots team started to tailor their solution to a number of additional verticals including hospitality, retail, education and more.

With additional vertical markets came more devices joining the ZoraBots family to be customised into interactive, assistive companions. From all the knowledge and experience gained, the ZBOS platform was created as the foundation to help ZoraBots exceed robotics and enter into a world of IoT and virtual reality, bringing the ZBOS experience across all devices and platforms

The Robot Gurus in front of the headquarters in Ostend